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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes


Bodhi Champions are a select collection of incredible people that have decided to make a positive change in the world by using their influence to spread the Bodhi message. 
Our goal is to create a cleaner, healthier planet so that all things that call it home can live a happy, natural life. We do this by creating more informed, thoughtful, and considerate people that can, in turn, make a positive change in our communities and the environment on which we all rely.


What we need

We're seeking like-minded people! Our Champions incorporate our rings into their life, spread the word, and post pics/vids on their social media so we can grow our Bodhi family and start to make a real difference around the world.


Sound like something you can get down with? Give us your name, email, and in the message box: your social media name, your ring size, date of birth, and your address! In advance, please accept a huge THANKS from the Bodhi family!

(Must be 18+ to apply)

Be Nice • Do Good • Make Change