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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes


Bodhi Champions are a select collection of incredible people around the world that have decided to make a positive change in the world by using their influence to spread the Bodhi message. We'd like you to join our cause.
Our goal is to create a cleaner, healthier planet so that all things that call it home can live a happy, natural life. We do this by creating more informed, thoughtful, and considerate people that can, in turn, make a positive change in our communities and the environment on which we all rely.


What we need from you

We've asked you to join our cause because you're a great fit with our brand and have a like-minded group of followers. We are happy to send you a ring to incorporate it into your life, spread the word, and post a few pics/vids on your social media so we can grow our Bodhi family and start to make a real difference around the world.


Sound like something you can get down with? Give us your name, your email, your ring size, and your address (in the 'message' section) and we will send you a ring so you can get started! In advance please accept a huge THANKS from the Bodhi family!

Be Nice • Do Good • Make Change