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This product takes very little explaining. This is just an amazing bamboo bow tie. Think your normal cloth bow tie and substitute awesome, sustainable bamboo. The trend back to natural materials is growing and wooden bow ties are along for the ride. The juxtaposition of wood-like material in a formal setting becomes a stand out piece that will always warrant a conversation with passers by..

Second in our line of wearable bamboo, the Bodhi Tie follows all of the eco-friendly, socially responsible products. If rings aren't for you, this could be the wearable bamboo you needed to spruce up your formal attire.


  • Handmade from upcycled bamboo.
  • 20% of profits are donated to help save the world.
  • Gorgeous front grain and cross-cut side grain.
  • Easily adjustable strap means you will never have to fail tying a bow tie again.
  • Almost overly stylish but just the right amount of awesome.

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