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Artisan Crafted Bear Wall Art

Our Mountain Bear is homage to one of the forest's most iconic animals. While there were once thought to be hundreds of bear species, there are now 8, which span the continents of North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Bears can be find in all different climates and topographies from Arctic Polar Bears to Andean Mountain Bears.

Perfect Bear Art for Your Mountain House or Anywhere..

Our Mountain Bear is a perfect piece of bear home decor for your mountain house or just to keep the outdoors alive in your home. We use gorgeous pieces of 3/4" thick Bamboo and Birch for our bear carvings, which make them stable enough to stand on their own or be mounted on your wall with a simple sawtooth hanger we adhere to the back.


• Material: Meticulously carved from gorgeous, solid 3/4" Bamboo or subtle Birch material. Bamboo has a beautiful intricate grain and rich color, while our Birch has a subtle grain and light color.

DetailEach bear is hand painted a dark forest green on the bottom with a gradient night sky.

• Finish: Bears are finished with a protective wood conditioner oil/wax that brings out the beautiful grain and color and protects from moisture.

• Mounting: The back of each bear carving is affixed with a sawtooth hanger that makes the mounting process a snap, needing only a small screw or nail.

Bear Wall Mount Dimensions:

15" W x 9" H x 1" D

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