The foundation of Bodhi Rings dates back to Spain in 2009 where a simple tradition began to pave the way for a great product with a much needed social call-to-action. While teaching English in Spain, Bodhi Rings' founder, Evan, noticed his students and colleagues knocking their head to symbolize knocking wood for good luck. As with most funny, innocuous social habits it quickly caught on and he brought it back with him to the good ol' USA. It was upon his return that Evan and a friend launched a line of bamboo surf, bike, and ski racks called Grassracks and found themselves in an abundance of extra bamboo that was too small to use for their products.

During an all-too-common late night at the office, Evan sat brain-fried in his computer chair. A quick glance down at his hand brought his attention to a thumb ring he had picked up in his travels and the wheels began to turn. In almost no time, he was back in the shop fashioning himself a new ring to replace his European memento, this time made of bamboo. The result was the first Bodhi Ring..

Why Bodhi?

As time went on, the lucky head knock turned into a quick ring tap. After all, why knock your head when you have a material considered the "Lucky Rabbit's Foot" of the East on your finger? Voila, luck at our finger tips. We started to realize that most of the times we wanted a bit of luck we got it but not for the reasons we expected.

Make your own luck. What the knocking wood tradition had done was brought more of our attention to what was on our mind. When we would tap our rings, we would think more about the situation, the possible outcomes, and best courses of action. We became more aware of the impacts our actions on ourselves, others, and the world around us. It was then that Bodhi Rings began to form..

So does a bamboo ring make you luckier? Maybe. Maybe not. But what it does do is reminds us to be a bit more conscious of the world around us and encourages us to make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better outcomes and better outcomes generally lead to a better life. If we take that one step further make it our mission to use our more-aware self to help others and our environment, that's when we begin to make positive change in the world.

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