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The Whale Shark is a gentle giant in our oceans and one of the most identifiable animals on our beautiful planet. Whale sharks are famously docile and are an attraction for divers all over the world. Their beautiful dotted coloration is as unique to each whale shark as a human's fingerprints are to each person. This coloration with their placid demeanor have made them an icon in our world and something to be celebrated and protected.

As part of our Appreciate series, we create a few beautiful, handmade art pieces to commemorate some of the Earth's most iconic animals and places in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of protecting them. Each piece is part of a very small batch that are created from material that would otherwise be wasted.


- Made from gorgeous 3/4" Bamboo material.

- Carefully infused with glow-in-the-dark pigment to keep the magic fresh when the sun goes down.

- Upcycled from 'drop' pieces that would otherwise be scrapped.

- Handcrafted and colored in very limited size batches.


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