Ring Sizing & Care


If you don't know what size ring you need, don't worry! Click here for a simple online sizing guide. Our rings are intended to fit snuggly but be loose enough that they aren’t constricting when you make a fist. For that reason it's good to take a measurement with straight fingers and another with a closed fist to determine which size is best for you. Your hands swell and shrink during the day so it's a good idea to measure a few times throughout the day.



Is there a finish on the rings? We are in the process of picking a finish. Our rings arrive as natural, raw bamboo. No finish needed.

How do I keep my ring in the best condition? Our products, like any 'wood' product, will last longest if treated properly. When your ring arrives, it will be freshly sanded and light in color. As you wear and touch your ring, your natural skin oils will begin to condition and moisturize your ring. Your ring will be in its best condition when your skin oils have penetrated your ring and it stays darker in color.

Is it alright if my ring gets wet? Bamboo acts like most woods so it's a good idea to keep it away from water if possible. Does that mean it will fall apart if water touches it? No! But constant contact with water via hand washing, showering, swimming, etc. will eventually take your natural oils out of the ring so to keep it in its best condition it's best to take it off if you're going to partake in aquatic activities. It is a good idea to wash your ring every once in a while to bring back the lighter color (if you're a fan) and to clean it. (Cleaning your ring is helpful if you're a messy eater or use your hands on a daily basis..)

How strong is my ring? Loaded question.. Bamboo is strong. Circles are strong if pressure is applied evenly on all sides. Our rings, given their size and weight are incredibly strong.

  • Does that mean you should step on it? No, don't...do that.
  • Should you lift weights while wearing your ring? Nope.
  • Should you rebuild a stone wall while wearing your ring? Not so much.
  • It would be wise to avoid putting excessive pressure or sharp objects on your ring.

Your Bodhi Ring is an accessory piece. It is meant to remind you to be a better person, to compliment your attire, and to guide you on your journey to find your inner spirit animal. If you do things like: drink a drink, carry groceries to your house, practice yoga, pet your pet, high five humans, wave to friends, play the guitar/piano, send out the vibe, etc., your ring will be just fine.

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