ondawave. ondawave co-develops sustainable, community-owned programs to alleviate the cycle of poverty in Angostura, Dominican Republic.



Community Commitment

In an effort to assist those already working hard to improve the world, we donate 20% of our profits from each sale to responsibly chosen charities and organizations that are making a real positive change. We generally have a few organizations as donation options at checkout so you can choose which organization receives a donation from your purchase.

The world is full of incredible people doing incredible things from trying to save our oceans and giving necessary vitamins to malnourished children to creating more sustainable practices worldwide. We’re committed to aiding these groups by donating our money and our time (often without being officially partnered with these organizations).


Environment Commitment

In a world where everything is pick, pack, and throw away, we are bringing focus back to the environment. Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly super material, all of our rings are made from 'drop' pieces of bamboo that would otherwise be thrown away and go unused.

Don't expect fancy shmancy packaging. Our packing and shipping materials are made from recycled materials and are recyclable so don’t throw them in the trash (we’re watching..). We will continue to concentrate on making our products great and our packaging eco-friendly while improving wherever we can.

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