Our mission is simple: Create a world full of people that are more considerate of how our actions affect the environment and all living things that call it home.

To do that, we focus on 3 things: ENVIRONMENT - ANIMALS - PEOPLE

Be Nice

Plain and simple. We’ve heard it our whole life. At a time when healthy competition has given way to the “win at any cost” mentality, we're here to get back to the basics of being good, kind people.



Do Good

..by the environment. We can’t live in your house if we burn it down. Without the environment we're all sunk so we can't continue to do things that have long-lasting harmful effects to Momma Nature.


Make Change

There are simple, tangible ways to make a positive change. We don’t need to become Captain Planet or Gandhi overnight but rather begin to be more thoughtful in our everyday life. The time for being passive is over, it's time for change. The Earth is our home, the living things around us are our brothers and sisters. Not surprisingly, Yoda was right. No more trying, do it! Make change, make positive change, and start now.



Bodhi comes from Buddhist teaching and translates to "enlightenment" or "awakening". Bodhi refers to the understanding of the true nature of the world and a greater awareness of the world around us. We're humans and we're amazing, but sometimes we need to wake up and put our life in perspective.