Our Mission Is Simple: SAVE THE WORLD

.. by creating people that think & are more considerate of how our actions affect the environment and all living things that call it home.

So we focus on 3 things: THE ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS, & PEOPLE

 Bodhi Rings Mission - Protect the Environment


Earth, aka “Home” to everything we know. A 4.5 billion year old ball flying and spinning at 67,000 MPH around a sphere of fire in an infinite, pressureless, freezing vacuum. Somehow, remarkably, in this -450 °F void of nothingness, chock full of 10,000+ °F fireballs, we ended up on a planet whose average temperature is 61 °F. Not only are we on a planet that has a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ average temperature but there are, miraculously, other amazing animals, plants, and organisms that have evolved to rely on each other in a delicate, balanced, and interconnected ecosystem all over the planet. Without any piece of that puzzle, the balance would change and the system would fail.

Our planet is a 4.5 billion year old house of cards with the environment as the foundation - let's stop messing with the bottom row.

Bodhi Rings Mission - Save the Animals


Animals, perhaps our planet’s most amazing creation. When someone says “Earth,” what do you picture?

Gorgeous landscapes, an incredible array of animals, and cities have become staples of our planet. Sadly, most of the animals that we consider Earth’s Allstar team: elephants, tigers, whales, sharks, rhinos, etc. have been hunted to the brink of extinction.

Somewhere along the way we started seeing animals as food, materials, and clothing and forgot that they are living, breathing things that they deserve the right to live a free, natural life. Many of these animals feel the same sense of family, emotion, and pain that we do, but we choose to ignore that because they can’t articulate their feelings in words.

We’ve been pretty big on being fair to each other lately, but there’s a major disconnect with how we view our own importance and how we view everything else. Being fair and kind isn’t a “pick and choose” venture, it must be comprehensive or we risk creating more of the very problems we are trying to fix.

The world is full of amazing animals that can create light, live underwater, change their skin color to camouflage, fly, etc. but we’ve killed them by the millions because they taste good, we want their skins for wallets or tusks for piano keys, and in some cases believe (falsely) that their parts increase our virility.

We consider ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet and it’s our job to care for those less capable than us, not create their problems. If we don’t act now, we will be teaching our children about today’s animals in the same way that we currently teach them about dinosaurs.

Bodhi Rings Mission - Be Good to People


Humans are incredible. We’ve achieved some of the most mind-blowing feats in the last few thousand years but we’ve also committed some of the most horrible atrocities imaginable. Still, we seem to get better every day. Some of our most important decisions are our daily choices that, when done repetitively, have a major negative impact on the planet, animals, and people around us.

We have become a ‘me’ culture and need to start to make change by educating ourselves about what we do and what we buy. We rally and fight for civil rights and for the planet but we vote contrarily every day with our wallets. When we choose to save $0.14 instead of supporting a socially and environmentally responsible company, we vote against doing things the right way.

With education and communication at our fingertips, it’s up to each individual to be educated and support responsible people and companies. No more knee-jerk reactions to headlines. Take the time, learn about what you’re doing and the companies that you support with your purchases, make better decisions, and make change.

Luckily, we’re here to help.




Bodhi comes from Buddhist teaching and translates to "enlightenment" or "awakening." Bodhi refers to the understanding of the true nature of the world and a greater awareness of the world around us. We're humans and we're amazing, but sometimes we need to wake up and put our life in perspective.

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