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Custom Wood Signs and Artisan Carves

What started as cool wedding gifts for friends has evolved into intricate, meticulously handcrafted, incredible, and world renowned artisan carves that are a perfect piece of personalized home decor to add to any living space. While I lean towards Earth-focused art, creativity is our only constraint and the possibilities are endless.

Interested in a custom wooden sign or carve? Feel free to reach out to me and we can get the ball rolling with a quick chat about scope, size, material, and pricing!


  • Materials: Each material is sustainably sourced. While bamboo and birch are the most abundant, I occasionally find myself with some gorgeous Walnut, Maple, Olive, and more!
  • Color & FinishThe vast majority of our stains and finishes used are incredibly eco-friendly Vermont Natural Coatings products. For some finer detailing, I use eco-friendly water-based paints.
  • Style: I love gorgeous wood grain and prefer to keep designs simple to achieve the goal of the piece while letting the beauty of the wood shine.
  • Mounting: Most of these pieces weigh just a few pounds so I use a screw-fastened sawtooth mount as hardware with padded feet towards the bottom of the piece. This allows for easy, minimal wall installation that looks like it is sitting 1/8" off the wall.
  • Size: Most of the featured Custom Name Signs and Carves are around 12" x 18" but I'm able to make smaller and larger (up to 30" x 30") depending on material availability.

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