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Gorgeous, strong wooden rings made from.. grass?

Bodhi Rings arrive freshly handcrafted and sanded to expose hundreds of individual bamboo fibers giving a unique look from different angles. Each ring is then hand-finished with a super eco-friendly coating to protect it from moisture. Click here to find your size with our Quick Ring Sizing Guide!

Wooden rings are a stylish, sustainable fashion trend that gets us away from precious metals, precious stones and the toxic industries that envelope them. This is a move back to something more natural and eco-friendly and.. we're digging it.

In many Asian cultures, bamboo is seen as a lucky material since it supports life from building houses and cleaning air to being used for food. Its incredibly strong nature and beautiful grain make it a perfect material for making rings. Though it looks like a "wood ring", don't be fooled, our bamboo rings are really a grass..

Having good intentions is easy, change takes work. Our handmade wood rings are stylish, tangible reminders to be nicer, be better, and make a positive change in our world.

Bamboo Ring Features:

  • Band Width: Ring width increases with size. Size 5 is close to 7.75mm wide, size 12 is close to 10mm wide.
  • Ring Fit: Standard Fit (flat) interior with Flat Shape exterior. Edges are sanded smooth for a comfortable feel on your finger.
  • Handmade from upcycled bamboo, making each ring similar but unique.
  • Designed to show off the intricate details of each of hundreds of tiny bamboo fibers.
  • 3 planes of bamboo create a gorgeous ring with wood inlay pattern.
  • Shipped with 100% recycled & recyclable packaging.
  • 20% of profits save the planet! Learn about the charities we are currently supporting!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Free domestic shipping within the Continental USA.
  • Care: Bodhi Rings are among the strongest, heartiest wooden rings you'll find on the planet. That said, they should not be exposed to excessive amounts of water. Water will pull your natural skin oils from the rings and make them dry out which can make them brittle so please remove your rings when washing your hands, showering, swimming, etc. to prolong the life of your ring. If you treat it well, it will last you years. Please read our Care Instructions for proper ring sizing and care!

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